Reception & office opening hours

Reception / Check-in / Excursions: 8-22h

Access control, attendance & security (+ AED semiAutomatic External Defibrillator): 24h

Office / Check-out / Information point / Telephone calls:

8-13h & 16h-20h

* From November to Easter we close the campsite for costumers and we keep working: 8-15h or 8-13h + 15-18h (Monday to Friday)

At what time do we have to get in & out of the pitches?

Check-in: from 12h

Check-out & paying: before 12h

You can stay at the campsite the whole day, but you have to let the pitch free before 12h.

At what time do we have to get in & out of the bungalow?

Check-in after 15h

Check out before 11h

You can stay on the campsite the whole day you check-in and check-out, but you have to respect the access time to the accommodation

Swimming pool & little pool for children

Open: 10h - 20h

Located in front of the bar-restaurant, near the amphitheater, there are two pools: one to swim or take a bath for adults and a little one for babies and children, depthless.

Both are for the exclusive and free use of the clients staying at the campsite. Next to it there is a playground, a ping-pong area and a big chess.

When are Bar-Restaurant and Supermarket open?

Bar: 9-24h (open from May to September)

Restaurant: 12-15h  &  18-22h (open from May to September)

To take away: 12-16h  &  18-22h (open from May to September)

Supermarket: 8-13h  &  17-20h/21h (April & October/from May to September) [we have bread oven; we sell food; beach items; Camping-gas bottles; press; cleaning and personal hygiene products]

Out of high season, opening hours may change.