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Lloret del Mar is a Mediterranean city par excellence: a seaside resort, for its wonderful beaches, coves and coves with turquoise and clear water, its golden sand, which allow all lovers of relaxation and discovery to find what they seek. Lloret del Mar is also an ancient Mediterranean city that lives to the rhythm of its nights.
As soon as evening falls, the city comes alive, we walk around, the inhabitants settle in front of their door or on their balconies to enjoy the sweet night. A multitude of cafés and restaurants offer the opportunity to enjoy tapas and local cuisine.
The summer season is full of sumptuous fireworks and popular night festivals. Not to mention fraternal meals, popular balls (the Ball de Plaça), habaneras concerts, traditional dances.

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Tourism in Lloret del Mar

During the day, one can prefer to the beach, the carnival, fishing demonstrations, the medieval market : here in Lloret del Mar, the festivals are rooted in a very vibrant and rich ancestral heritage, which makes this maritime city special. It continues to worship the wives of sailors, as illustrated by the Dona Marinera (Monument to the Sailor’s Wife).
Perhaps the best definition of Lloret del Mar is its thousand-year-old side: the Roman sepulchre and the Iberian villages, since Puig de Castellet and Montbarbat, are witnesses to the past before the era of Jesus Christ. In this Catalan city and with a Catholic tradition, you can not only admire the church of Sant Romà, but also many hermitages, such as those of Santa Cristina and Sant Pere del Bosc, located in an environment of great beauty.
Lloret del Mar is also the gardens that look out over the sea, and form a link between it and the city.

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You can admire the sumptuous gardens of Santa Clotilde, designed by the famous Barcelona architect Nicolau Maria Rubio i Tuduri, for the Marquis de Roviralta. Italian-inspired, these gardens combine statues, fountains, miradors, roundabouts, with superb views of the sea, in a glorified Mediterranean nature: it is a magical place you will remember.

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