Ecology, an inherent value in campsites.

16 FEBRUARY 2016

Ecology, an inherent value in campsites.

Some companies apply environmental measures for legal reasons or for marketing reasons . Others do it by vocation and conviction. This applies to campsites, for which the respect for nature is a clear value as an inner part of their DNA. Customers choose them just to stay in touch with nature and for this reason, those responsible for campsites launch a set of initiatives to protect the environment, which is their raison d'etre (reason for being). Here are some examples:


Cala Llevadó, a benchmark in environmental management and integration in nature.

The campsite Cala Llevado, in Tossa de Mar (Girona), has had the European EMAS environmental certification and the Labelling of Environmental Quality Assurance (DGQA) for over 10 years. Also the 14001 ISO International Certification , which establishes the criteria to implement an effective environmental management system that finds the balance between profitability and control of environmental impact for the environment and surroundings. Among the environmental measures implemented, it is noteworthy the architectural and landscape design of the new lodgings, the use of natural resources (cork from the Cadiretes local forest, 100% natural wood , sunlight, rainwater), the saving measures related to the consumption of water and electricity (LEDS, smart appliances with automatic temperature control, presence detectors, cross ventilation), smart irrigation systems and solar panels. The Cadiretes ECO Bungalow from Cala Llevadó, one of the bungalows areas of the Costa Brava establishment, is a good example of the term "glamping" (glamour campsites) and it emphasizes the harmonious integration of the wooden lodges in the typical natural landscape of the area. In addition, the site has, since 2007, a Mediterranean botanical garden, with a selection of flora, fauna and the territory traditions.