Is the electricity included in the price?

Yes, electricity is included in the price

When is this camping open?

Camping open from March 23th to November 4th 2018

Visit Prices and offers to know the dates by season and to see the whole calendar.

Reception & office opening hours

Reception / Check-in / Excursions: 8-22h

Access control, attendance & security (+ AED semiAutomatic External Defibrillator): 24h

Office / Check-out / Information point / Telephone calls:

8-13h & 16h-20h

* From November to Easter we close the campsite for costumers and we keep working: 8-15h or 8-13h + 15-18h (Monday to Friday)

At what time do we have to get in & out of the pitches?

Check-in: from 12h

Check-out & paying: before 12h

You can stay at the campsite the whole day, but you have to let the pitch free before 12h.

At what time do we have to get in & out of the bungalow?

Check-in after 15h

Check out before 11h

You can stay on the campsite the whole day you check-in and check-out, but you have to respect the access time to the accommodation

When are Bar-Restaurant and Supermarket open?

Bar: 9-24h (open from May to September)

Restaurant: 12-15h  &  18-22h (open from May to September)

To take away: 12-16h  &  18-22h (open from May to September)

Supermarket: 8-13h  &  17-20h/21h (April & October/from May to September) [we have bread oven; we sell food; beach items; Camping-gas bottles; press; cleaning and personal hygiene products]

Out of high season, opening hours may change.

Swimming pool & little pool for children

Open: 10h - 20h

Located in front of the bar-restaurant, near the amphitheater, there are two pools: one to swim or take a bath for adults and a little one for babies and children, depthless.

Both are for the exclusive and free use of the clients staying at the campsite. Next to it there is a playground, a ping-pong area and a big chess.

Can I book a specific pitch?

We cannot assure to assign a specific pitch because of reasons of availability and diversity of the pitches, which can be changed.

We offer you the possibility to describe the characteristics of the pitch when booking in order to offer you the most suitable one. We cannot ensure a specific pitch because each single pitch is different. Based on the measurements of the pitch and if there are small children, our team can assign a given pitch; safer and according to your preferences.

We will do our best, but remember, we are outdoors and it is not like a hotel, where rooms do not change.

Thank you.

+ Tourist tax

0,50 € per person & night (>16 years old & max. 7 nights)

Can we light a fire or barbecue?
According to the Law 64/1995, of March 7th,by the Government of Cataloniais prohibitedbetween March 15 and October 15 to lightrecreational firesIt is excluded from the prohibitionto use gas stoves & barbecues specificly made by our company in the common areas well specified & assigned by Camping Cala Llevadó.

According to this statement, Camping Cala Llevadó has installed 10 concrete/stone BARBECUES BBQ.
Please notify our staff if a third party is using any barbecue forbidden as in the conditions listed above for everyone's safety and compliance with the law.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
If you have any question, please contact our staff or come to the Information Point in the Office.
There is a nudist beach in Camping Cala Llevadó but the campsite is not nudist

From the campsite Cala Llevadó you can arrive to 4 different beaches, separated with rocks.

One of the beaches, called CALA FIGUERA, is a nudist beach. It's a small stony beach.

It does not mean this is a nudist campsite.


It is required to respect the silence from 24h to 7h, as well as not to drive

Thank you


5-10 amps

It is possible to need a special plug.

We have limited cables and adaptors, and we also sell them in the supermarket.

If you bring the cable from home, take into account that you may need about 25m and this type of adapter.

Is there park in the campsite?

We do not guarantee a parking place next to the pitch or bungalow. However there are parking places all around the campsite.

Are dogs allowed in the campsite?

Dogs are alowed in the campsite, on a lead.

They are only forbidden for the clients staying in bungalows and on the beach (by law).

Can we have a reservation for a pitch? ¿Also waterfront?
Yes, you can book a pitch but we assign it for you relying on the characteristics or area required.
The tent pitch is the only we do not reserve as a specific place in the campsite.
Are there kitchen & microwave in the bungalow?

Microwave: yes, in all of the bungalows

Kitchen: yes, except in the Forest Cabins

Are there a lot of ants or mosquitos?

Being surrounded by nature means being surrounded by plants and animals such as ants and mosquitoes.

There are also ants and mosquitoes in the camping because it is an environment rich in wildlife.

If there are too much ants or mosquitos, you may use insecticides that you can find in the supermarket. We have clients that use a kind of white powder surrounding the tent, caravan or motorhome so the ants will not be able to cross or climb.