Environmental policy

Environmental policy Environmental policy

Camping Cala Llevadó has the following declaration about its environmental policy, which is applicable to all the installations and operations carried out the camp site. 

We are committed to developing our activity with the greatest amount of respect and protection for the environment and we are trying to assume a better continuity of environmental techniques and practices, as long as they are possible and economically viable.

We recognise our responsibility towards the environment, and we hope to assume the following objectives: 

• To comply with current environmental regulations, and whenever possible to surpass the legal requirements

• To promote and potentiate the minimisation and assessment of the waste generated in the camp site to assure the best possible management

• To continue to introduce measures to reduce the consumption of water and energy

• To manage water correctly so that its impact on the environment is compatible

• To involve all the agents concerned with tasks related to improvements with regard to the environment

• Training and creating awareness about good environmental practices among the staff

• Informing our clients about the environmental situation commitment and the requirements that affect them

• To manage communication with the clients (both personally and impersonally) as an instrument of education and promotion of respect for the environment

• Annual review of the emergency plan introduced and its dissemination, and training the staff about it

• To elaborate a calendar of environmental activities

• To elaborate an annual public environmental declaration about the actions and environmental progress archived

Pere Aromir, Director
Càmping Cala Llevadó


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